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Crisis Calls and Suicide Prevention

24/7 hotline answered by highly trained volunteers with access to professional intervention.

PATH answers calls for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK.

Since PATH's inception, callers have known they can trust us to talk about some of life's most challenging issues. When people confidentially express their suicidality, or they are concerned for someone else to our call center specialists, they know that PATH is there to listen, provide support, and connect people to further resources.

Now, PATH is one of the answering centers for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL), answering calls from nine counties in Central IL. Just call 800-273-TALK to reach NSPL.

Often, all people need when they are thinking about suicide is someone to listen to them. It can feel burdensome to bring it up to a friend; it can be scary because it's hard to know how people will react, and it can be generally difficult to ask for help. PATH provides a nonjudgmental, listening ear to everyone, whether they are just going through a rough time or are actively thinking about killing themselves.

We safety plan with callers, and we always aim for the least invasive strategies possible. We will make sure that you're safe while you're talking with us, and we explore the resources you may have in your personal life. When possible, we encourage further professional help, like a long-term counselor or even just a support group. But above all, we listen, and we are always here, 24/7, to provide the support needed.

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