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PATH sends out new information about health and human services through the PATH-O-GRAM. This free fortnightly email service informs and updates over 1,200 people in McLean County. There are seven categories listed in the PATH-O-GRAM:

  • Announcements
  • Support Groups
  • Conferences & Workshops
  • Grant & Scholarship Opportunities
  • Fundraising Opportunities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities


To access previous editions, please visit the PATH-O-GRAM Archive.


To sign up, you can either click here or email Database Services

Please email all submissions for the PATH-O-GRAM to Database Services. All submissions must:

  • Be received by the Wednesday prior to the Friday on which the PATH-O-GRAM will be sent out.
  • Be submitted in text format. Images and flyers are not valid.
  • Indicate which of the eight categories the submission falls under.
  • Indicate how long the submission should be included in the PATH-O-GRAM (e.g. "Keep until May 31"). 

For a complete set of submission guidelines, please look at the PATH-O-GRAM's Inclusion/Exclusion Policy.


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