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Printed Directory

PATH can provide a printed directory for any counties in our 211 coverage area. This directory is fully up-to-date as of the moment you place the order, since our database is updated on an ongoing basis and we only print the directory after an order is placed and paid for.

When ordering a directory, you have two main options: Single-County or Multi-County. Multi-county directories typically cover clusters of 2-4 closely connected counties. The cost can vary based on the size of the directory:

  • Small (200-349 pages) = $50
    • This usually covers more rural counties.
  • Medium (350-499 pages) = $55
    • This usually covers more urban counties or multi-county directories with more rural counties.
    • Most common: Single-County - McLean
  • Large (500-649 pages) = $60 
    • This usually covers multi-county directories with a couple more urban counties or with multiple more rural counties. 
    • Most common: Multi-County - McLean, Livingston, and DeWitt

Once the directory is printed, you have three ways of receiving the directory:

  • Drop-off within Bloomington-Normal: $10 per order (regardless of the number of directories)
  • Mail: $10 per order + $10 per copy (for instance, $20 for one directory, $30 for two, etc.)
  • PDF email: -$10 per copy (This is effectively a discount. Note that due to technical limitations, the directory may be emailed as multiple files.)

All prices are subject to change. Please allow around a week for processing from time of payment.

To place an order, contact the Director of Database Services, Anthony Morrison, by phone (309-834-0543) or email (to "Database Services"). 



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