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Our Team (Staff & Board)

Board of Directors

Jerry Caldwell, Board President, State Farm Insurance

Jeff Klepec, Vice-President, Illinois State University Police

Rod Ebert, Treasurer, Country Financial, Manager

Beth West, Secretary, State Farm

Debra Block, Carle BroMenn Medical Center

Bess Desch, Community and PATH volunteer

Alisha Howell, Country Financial

Mychele Kenney, Center for Youth and Family Solutions

Chris Niebur, Niebur Structural Engineering

Dawn Peters, Real Estate

Path's Managerial Staff

Picture of Chris Workman


Christopher Workman

Executive Director

Kathryn Johnson

Adult Protective Services Program Manager

Kathryn Johnson

Asst. Director/APS Program Manager

Karen Zangerle

Homeless Services Program Manager

Kathryn Lewis

Karen Zangerle

Database Program Manager

Violet Pavlik

Kevin Richardson

Crisis/Call Center Program Manager

Kevin Richardson