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Our Team (Staff & Board)


Board of Directors

Aprile O'Keefe-Thompson

Bess Desch (Personnel Committee)

Beth West (Secretary/Technology Chair)

John O'Brien

Michael Hurt

Neil Jackson

Pat Fitzgerald

Reid Butts

Rick Halberg (Fundraising Chair)

Rod Ebert (President)

Tory Dahmm (Finance Chair/Treasurer)



PATH's Managerial Staff


Picture of Chris Workman
Christopher Workman
In Memoriam


On April 28, 2023, our CEO, Chris Workman passed away. The sudden change in his prognosis and recovery was very heartbreaking. However, he never wavered in the work and guidance he provided to our organization. Chris worked until the very end of his life, and we are indebted to his commitment to ensuring PATH’s continued success in all that we do.

Chris cared very deeply about the future of PATH, the staff, and most importantly, the communities that we serve. He always demonstrated servant leadership, from his assistance at Project Oz very early on in his career, to his work in Kentucky State Government, and finally to PATH. Chris constantly talked about the mission and vision until the very end of his life. He will be missed by all of us, but his vision will remain in our hearts.



Adam Profile
Dr. Adam Carter
Interim CEO


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