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Community Resource Seminars

We provide a half-day training that outlines mainstream resources in McLean County. Many local service providers feel it is very valuable to register their employees, especially new staff, to attend one of our seminars. We go over what resources there are to assist individuals and families with basic needs, such as financial assistance, food, housing, medical, emergency services, and more.

COVID-19 Note

Unfortunately, PATH had to cancel the in-person Seminars in 2020 with no dates yet set for the near future. In the meantime, please consider the following alternative resources:

  • The PATH-O-GRAM: An email newsletter that provides updates on community services and related events that is sent out every other week.
  • A printed directory of services. 

The cost to attend a Seminar is $50 per person. We also offer our printed Human Services Directories to participants at a discount, $40 for the McLean only resource directory and $45 for the directory with McLean, Livingston, and DeWitt counties' resources. You can only order one directory per attendee at the discounted price. Sign up for an upcoming seminar.

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